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I'm currently an Associate Product Manager at Google, working on TV/movies within Google Search [click me].

I graduated from Berkeley (Computer Science) in December 2018. Before I graduated, I spent a year with Archer, a social impact venture with two branches:

  1. A tech nonprofit for Berkeley students interested in geopolitical issues. We worked with nonprofit partners to develop free and open-source software to solve pressing issues in their respective fields. Our focus areas included human rights, war crimes/genocide, and illicit finance.
  2. A product startup building a data exploration and publishing platform. Our initial user focus was on media organizations and analysts who publish on issues that threaten democracy like political transparency and accountability, campaign finance, and human rights. Our mission was to help people structure & visualize open-source intelligence, allowing people to see how companies and people are connected across borders, datasets, and documents — and making these insights verifiable and actionable to everyday citizens.


PM for Pixel @ Google

Aug 2019 - 2020

Pixel 4a: As the software PM for the Pixel 4a, I was responsible for the holistic software experience of the device and acted as the liaison between the software and crossfunctional teams, including product marketing, hardware, GTM, customer support, and more.

I represented the device internally and externally — pre-briefing dozens of tech journalists across EMEA, presenting at Pixel-wide All-Hands, and communicating weekly updates to senior leadership. The role naturally gave me so many interesting insights into many parts of releasing a hardware product, as I was involved in everything from the product marketing narrative to crafting PR and customer support responses.

Pixel Essential Apps: My main focus was building out a Bedtime experience in the Clock app (which comes preloaded with Pixel and other Android devices). I defined a product vision and drove the project from concept to a successful launch. It was a surprisingly complex effort spanning multiple internal teams and a couple of external partnerships with companies like Calm and Spotify.

Head of Product & Design @ Archer

May - Sept 2018

My role was highly crossfunctional, spanning full-stack engineering, design, product strategy, and more. One of the most interesting engineering challenges I faced was architecting a knowledge graph schema to handle reification and other knowledge-modeling challenges in a way that made sense for our data. Additionally, I was involved in almost all of the visual design surrounding the product and our digital branding, including the platform's UI/UX.

Product Manager & Technical Lead @ Archer Labs

Aug 2017 - May 2018

I lead a small team that developed SanctionsExplorer, the most modern (and most loved by the community!) publicly-available platform for searching and understanding U.S. Treasury sanctions. I conducted user interviews and designed the platform's interface, and — as the technical lead — I was also the primary software engineer.

We launched in April 2018 to an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from the international community, including multiple agencies of the U.S. executive branch, journalists & media organizations, academic researchers, NGOs, and private banks/companies around the world. (ask to see my Challenge coin from the U.S. Treasury — it's pretty cool!)

SanctionsExplorer has directly improved the workflows (and accessibility of data) of thousands of these high-impact users, and overall has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life!

Software Engineering Intern (Product) @ Tanium

Jun - Aug 2017

As an intern, I developed a plug-and-play NodeJS module that could be integrated into a number of separate (but similar) products that Tanium offered. This module allowed developers to specify which metrics should be exposed to customers; these metrics would then be collected and displayed (which was more difficult than it sounds, given the arbitrarity of the data) for technical and nontechnical customers.

Design Portfolio

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